Chinese heroes make “heroic sacrifice”

By Quddous Ahmed


Two Chinese pilots were killed during a training exercise after they steered their burning plane away from a residential area in Liaoning, a province in China’s northeast.



Flight instructor Jiang Tao and Lu Pengfei have been lauded for their “heroic sacrifice” after the aircraft’s engine caught fire during a flying lesson.

“After successfully flying the plane to avoid a densely populated area and their height being too low to parachute, they made a heroic sacrifice,” it said in the post.

The People’s Liberation Army, a social network on Wiebo, posted photographs of the men in their dress uniforms.



Their low altitude meant that parachuting was not an option, and the plane crashed into a forest. The funeral of Jiang Tao and Lu Fengfei has since taken place.

Meanwhile, Beijing has announced plans to boost the country’s military reach, spending a total of $200 billion [£130 billion] annually, and the second largest in the world.

This may sound like a lot compared but it is measly compared to the countless lives lost by every institution, community and family of the world to fight for its own freedom.

Incidents like this may help restore the honour our troops sacrifice their lives for, no matter which country one is from.


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