Muslim mother denied entry to amusement park

By Hasnae May

Muslims around France experience hostility for wearing the face veil. This week in Northern France a Muslim mother, Malek Layouni, was denied access into an amusement park on a beach when visiting with her nine-year-old son.

9Mrs Layouni was directed to a sign post that showed a ban on dogs, drunks, and religious symbols.

The lasting impact of hostility left Mrs Layouni feeling isolated. She explained: “My husband said that I lost my inner light.” The judge reviewing the case ruled against the access ban, which was then revoked.

Although the court ruled in favour of Mrs Layouni, the Layouni family was led to closing their family owned café and moved to a neighbouring town.

According to the National Observatory Against Islamophobia women have been the subject of anti-Muslim acts since 2013. Findings show that 80 per cent of acts involving violence and assault are predominantly against veiled women.

President of the National Observatory Against Islamophobia, Abdallah Zekri, highlighted concern that “such things take place in broad daylight and with the total indifference of the people around”.

French legislation continues to diminish the quality of life for veiled Muslim women. Mainstream politicians, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy, now seek to bar veiled women from universities. Other members of Mr Sarkozy’s party also want to implement penalty charges for women who publicly cover their faces.

France, where the Muslim population count is estimated at eight per cent, has enforced laws against the Muslim women covering their hair since 2004 when a ban was imposed on veils in public schools.

If you are a veiled Muslim living in France and have experienced any assaults get in touch with us on and share your story.