“We have to respect each other” on protests against house of worship

By Hasnae May

Head of the Dawah Committee at the International Union of Muslim Scholars responds to Muslim protesters against cross at church premises and construction plan of a temple in Muslim-majority areas.


Muslim residents at Puncak Alam, Malaysia, protested against the planned construction of a Hindu temple on May 17.

The Community of Praise Petaling Jaya Church put up a cross at its premises, which was followed by Muslim residents protesting against it on April 19.

Jasser Auda expressed that every religion has the freedom to build houses of worship but that the public should be sensitive in doing so. “Of course, every religion has the freedom to build its own places of worship, but we have to respect each other, too, and be sensitive”, he said.

“I don’t know about the Malaysian context, but as a person who grew up in Cairo, I don’t see any problem having a church beside a mosque,” said Dr Auda.

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