Arizona Mosque hosts ‘Love is Stronger Than Hate’ event

By Hasnae May

An Arizona mosque held a “love not hate” event on Monday after an anti-Muslim event organised by an Iraq war veteran outside the Islamic Community Centre of Phoenix last week Friday.

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The event was cosponsored by a number of organisations, including CAIR-AZ, Board of Rabbis of Greater Phoenix, and City Square Church, according to the events Facebook page ‘Love is Stronger Than Hate’.

Those who attended the event were from varying religious and non-religious backgrounds, Christians of all denominations, Jews, Sikhs, Atheists and Agnostics, according to Imraan Siddiqi, a board member of CAIR-AZ who attended the event.

Event organisers requested on their Facebook page that attendees bring a flower ‘as a symbol of love and care’.

The event had a multi-faith prayer service, as well as speakers to show that the community responds with a message of love and not hate.

Siddiqi states that we need those in positions of power to challenge ‘structural bigotry’. He continues with, ‘if we are to truly make progress, it will not only take outpourings of love – as we saw in the peace protest, but also a great deal of effort in terms of dismantling the structural bigotry that is out there today.’

‘It is also important for Muslims to be at the lead of this effort. We can’t sit back and allow these types of threats take place without bringing them to light. We see the positive results of making this issue a public debate, now we must continue to push this conversation forward’, said Siddiqi.

Following the event, organisers posted on the Facebook page ‘The evening was truly beautiful thanks to everyone who showed up to support peaceful dialogue, love, respect and learning about each other.’

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