London school restricts children from fasting

By Hasnae May

Barclay Primary School in East London will not be allowing children to fast although they claim to appreciate the significance of Ramadan for Muslims, as stated in their letter sent to parents on 10th June 2015.


The fasting ban applies to all schools within the Lion Academy Trust, Sybourn Primary School, Thomas Gamuel Primary School and Brook House Primary School.

The letter sited in buzzfeed stated that next week they will be celebrating what Ramadan means to Muslims and ‘how Muslim families will be observing the month of Ramadan and preparing to celebrate Eid.’ The school stated in its letter, ‘We are extremely proud of how articulate the children are in explaining their customs and beliefs.’

The letter states that it has sought guidance and has been informed that in Islamic Law individuals are only required to fast as adults.

The school has used the policy of safeguarding the health and education of the children as a justification for not allowing children to fast, but has not stated how it would implement this ban should children wish to fast despite this.

‘Although the schools have enacted the policy, they have not explained how they would enforce it if students took the decision to fast. A spokesperson for Barclay Primary School said the school would not be providing a comment. None of the headmasters from the three other schools responded to a request for comment by the time of publication’, reports Buzzfeed.