About MDM

Many Different Muslims (MDM) is an organisation that approaches, confronts and promotes the diversities found within Islam and amongst Muslims. Given the natural inclinations of human thought, rationality and practice, we know that the Muslim community will not exhibit the uniformity that many often dream of. As such, we believe that the path to unity is through the management of diversity and the creation of a tolerant, understanding and empathetic mindset.

MDM is run by the hard work and dedication of a few individuals who value the importance of tolerance and understanding. As well as being from the Islamic faith they also hold qualifications (BA & MA) in the field of theology and religious studies with a specific focus on the Abrahamic religions and Islamic Law.

Through the publication of monthly articles authored by Muslims from varying backgrounds, religious understandings and schools of thought, as well as future projects such as facilitating the coverage of everyday Muslim thought through the compilation of a series of video clips highlighting a diverse range of opinion and practice, we seek to provide a platform for discussion and engagement for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Loyal to our goal, the work of MDM does not favor one particular school of thought or method of practice. Instead, we seek to present diversity by opening our platform to all denominations and sects, allowing them to freely represent themselves in their own words.

MDM is here to eliminate the misconceptions, stereotypes, hostility, aggression and ignorance that are borne from the flawed idea of uniformity. By managing and embracing our diversity, we achieve the strength, understanding, patience, appreciation and empathy needed to build a unified Muslim community.

He [Prophet Muhammad], peace be upon him, elevated the low, and he lowered the elevated – that they might meet in that middle place known as brotherhood. (Hamza Yusuf).